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SAGEO cord used for tying the saya to the obi
SAGURI the ornament which helps secure the saya when drawn
SAIHA/SAIJIN   retempered sword
SAKI   tip or point
SAKI-HABA   blade width at yokote
SAKI ZORI curvature in the top third of the blade
SAKU made  
SAME' rayskin used for tsuka (handle) covering
SAMURAI   Japanese warrior or the warrior class
SANBONSUGI "three cedars" (hamon with repeating three peaks)
SAN-MAI   three-piece sword construction
SAYA    sword scabbard
SAYAGAKI  attribution on a plain wood scabbard
  mouth of the scabbard
SAYASHI   scabbard maker
SEKI-GANE soft metal plugs in the tsuka hitsu-ana
SEPPA washers or spacers
SHAKU   Japanese unit of measure approximately one foot
SHAKUDO   copper and gold alloy used for sword fittings
SHIBUICHI   copper and silver alloy used for sword fittings
SHIKOMI-ZUE sword cane
SHINAE   ripples in steel due to bending of blade
SHINAI bamboo sword used in Kendo
SHINGANE soft core steel  
SHINOGI ridgeline of the blade
SHINOGI-JI sword flat between the mune and shinogi
SHINOGI-ZUKURI   sword with shinogi
SHIN-SHINTO   New-New Sword Period (1781 to 1868)
SHINTO   New Sword Period (1596 to 1781)
SHIRASAYA plain wood storage scabbard
SHITODOME small collars in the kurikata and/or kashira
SHOBU ZUKURI blade where shinogi goes to the tip of the kissaki (no yokote)
SHOGUN   supreme military leader
SHOTO   short sword (between 12 and 24 inches)
SHOWATO   sword made during the Showa Era (usually refers to low quality blades)
SHUMEI red lacquer signature
SHURIKEN small throwing knife
SORI curvature
SUDARE-BA bamboo blinds effects in hamon
SUGATA    shapes of sword blade
SUGUHA straight temper line
SUKASHI cut out  
SUN   Japanese measure, approx. one inch
SUNAGASHI activity in hamon like brushed sand
SURIAGE   shortened tang
TACHI long sword worn with cutting-edge down
TACHI-MEI   signature facing away from body when worn edge down
TAKABORI high relief carving
TAKANOHA hawk feather style of yasurime  
TAMAHAGANE raw steel for making swords
TAMESHIGIRI   cutting test
TAMESHI-MEI   cutting test inscription
fish belly shaped nakago
TANTO dagger or knife with blade less than 12 inches
TATARA   smith's smelter for making sword steel
TO   sword
TOBIYAKI islands of tempering in the ji
TOGARI   pointed
TOGI   sword polish or polisher
TORAN   high wave like hamon
TORII-ZORI sword curve in the middle of the blade
TSUBA sword guard
TSUCHI small hammer for removing mekugi
TSUKA sword handle
TSUKA-GUCHI mouth of handle
TSUKA-ITO handle wrapping or tape
TSUKAMAKI art of wrapping the handle of a sword
TSUKURU   made by or produced by
TSUNAGI wooden sword blade to display fittings
TSURUGI double edged, straight sword

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