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AIKUCHI a tanto with no tsuba
ARA-NIE coarse or large  nie
ASHI  legs (streaks of nioi pointing down toward the edge)
ATOBORI  horimono added at a later date
ATO MEI  signature added at a later date
AYASUGI  large wavey hada (grain)
BO-HI  large or wide groove
BOKKEN  wooden sword for practicing sword katana
BONJI  sanskrit carvings
BO-UTSURI  faint utsuri (reflection of temperline in ji)
BOSHI  temper line in kissaki (point)
BU  Japanese measurement (approx 0.1 inch) The bladesmiths used to measure blades in units called “shaku”
1 shaku = 1 foot
1 foot = 30.3 cm
BUKE  military man, samurai  
BUSHIDO  the code of  the samurai
CHIKEI dark lines that appear in the ji
CHISA KATANA short katana
CHOJI clove shaped hamon
CHOJI OIL oil for the care of swords  
CHOJI-MIDARE irregular choji hamon (temper line)
CHOKUTO prehistoric straight swords
CHU medium  
CHU-KISSAKI medium sized point  
CHU-SUGUHA straight, medium width temper line

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