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Key Differences between Knight and Samurai

Key Differences between Knight and Samurai

 1. Knight and Samurai were both well educated and great warriors.
 2. Knights were located in European while Samurai in Japan.
 3. Knight follows the rule “Chivalry” while Samurai follow “Bushido”.
 4. Samurai wear armor made out of leather or steel laced together with silk cords while Knight armor was             made of metallic links.
 5. Both Samurai and Knight start their training from childhood.
 6. If a Samurai dad was a Samurai he also has to become a Samurai.
 7. If a Knight dad was a Knight, it was optional for him to become a Knight.
 8. A Knight has a military rank while a Samurai has none.
 9. Samurai plays “Kendo” while Knight plays “Joust”.
 10. Samurais tend to use weapon range tactics, while Knights tend to charge towards their enemies.
 11. Samurai looked scarier as compare to Knight.
 12. Samurai wore more leather than steel as compared to that of Knights.
 13. Both the Knights and Samurai had different weapons from each other.

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