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By lyuesword | 10 January 2022 | 0 Comments

Poetical Expression in the Terms of Blade Ⅱ

Imozuru = potato runner (Imo = sweet potato, Zuru or Tsuru = runner)
A kind of kinsuji, but a little thick, long and dim. It seems running dully.
It is typical in blades in Satsuma province, and the province is famous for sweet potato. The term includes some ridicule against Satsuma blades.

Inazuma = lightning
A kind of kinsuji that running sharply like lightning. No relation with electricity.

Yubashiri = hot water running (Yu = hot water, Bashiri or Hashiri = running)
Mass of nie particles running in blade surface.
It makes us imagine that hot water running on the surface breaking the clay off at the hardening work. I am not sure if such work happens in the water.

Mizukage = water shadow (Mizu = water, Kage = shadow)
A kind of utsuri that goes through the back about 45 degrees.
Some books say it is a mark of the water surface at the hardening work. But it is not true. We have never seen such a deep tub for hardening work. 
On tsurugi or yari, mizukage can appear from the both side.

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