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Top 15 Deadly Swords in History Ⅰ

It’s no secret that since Man had the ability to shape stone and metal starting thousands of years ago, they’ve also been slashing, stabbing, hitting, and basically wreaking havoc on each other ever since. When did the first knife fight break out? When the second blade was created. Over the centuries, the longer version, swords have become the best option for the battlefield and many have a fearsome reputation.

It wasn’t unusual for a design to be created or a current tool altered to maximize the destruction against defenses of the day like shield or armor. The effectiveness of a sword changed with the times and was not immune to fashion cues. Different parts of the world had their own take on what was best for the tactics used in their respective countries. But be assured the purpose was the same- to inflict as much damage as possible on your foe.

So, on that cheery note here are some of history’s most fearsome swords and cutting blades. Your list may differ, but we can all agree that the edged weapons of history have made their mark:

Koa Sword, Pacific
The Koa was created by Polynesians and Hawaiians to utilize the natural resources available to them AND take full advantage of the terrifying reputation of the ocean inha-bitants which fit their mythology. What better way to do that then create a sword made of sharks teeth? You weren’t just fighting a shark tooth wielding warrior, but the spirit of the predator the teeth came from, a double whammy! Honestly, this could be one of our favorites, very imposing and wicked-looking even though it may not have been all that practical.

The Roman Gladius, most of the known world
This makes our list for sheer longevity. The gladius cut out an empire and po-liced it for 800 years. According to some historians, the design didn’t even originate with Rome. They saw the effectiveness of this simple short sword used by Celtic mercenaries who fought for Hannibal and adopted it as their own. Though it could cut off an enemy’s limbs if it was sharp enough in close quarters combat, the Roman gladius was used a great deal as a thrusting weapon. Medical care, not being what it is today, oftentimes could not heal a serious thrust from the sharp, wide blade.

The Estoc sword, Medieval Europe
Estoc swords were long, needle-like blades with a very focused purpose- to get through chain mail and plate armor with deadly efficiency. Often two-handed they could puncture and separate any armor with a strong thrust. You could grip the weapon solidly and put all your weight behind it for maximum effect. If it didn’t kill on the first thrust, you could count on it to maim and disable. So effective were these blades that they were adapted for and very popular in hunting. Far riskier than using other means to hunt bears, boars, and deer, it allowed the hunt-er to get up-close to a wild beast and kill it with a single thrust proving his skill and bravery.

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