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Top quality Japanese Imperial Army Military saber Type 98 Sword Real Cut Sharp Blade

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Overall Length: 40.5 inch/104 cm
Blade Material: Folded Steel with Clay Tempered + Abrasive
Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch/70.5 cm
Saya Material: High Quality Hard Wooden + Iron
Handle Length: 10.6 inch/27 cm
Handle Material: Ray skin + Hard wood
Kissaki Shape: Chu-Kissaki
Tsuba Material: High Quality Brass
Blade Shape: Shinogui-Zukubi
Sori(curve): 1.8cm
Blade Width(near Habaki): 1.26 inch/3.2cm
Package weight : 2.0kg
Blade Width(near Kissaki): 0.91 inch/2.3 cm
Condition: Brand new

The blade is fully hand-made in the most traditional Japanese craftsmanship way. It is fully hand-forged, hand-polished and hand-sharpened by our experienced smit
The tip of the blade is a Chu Kissaki (medium length).The blade is in full-tang which greatly enhances the strength of the whole sword.The blade is strong enough to cut a thick bamboo tree and sharp enough to slice paper.Three important forging processes are applied on the blade making craft which marks it a functional, top quality, super blade:
1. Being folded 12 times to create the 4096 layers
This blade is made of folded steel and has folded 12 times to create the 4096 layers to increase the flexibility and hardness of the blade and a distinct texture is left on the blade as a result of the repeated folding during the process. The visible tenuous undulating grain on the blade was resulted from folded repeatedly during forging.
2. Clay tempered left with a beautifully real hamon on the blade
After the below process, the blade has been throughly clay tempered, first the back of blade is covered with a special clay, then the whole blade has been tempered and later quick cooled during quenching, this result in a harder edge. In this way, a beautiful real hamon on the blade comes into being as a result of the differential cooling of the blade (quenching and tempering).
3. Polished by multiple grade abrasive stones
At last, the surface of the blade is polished with multiple grade abrasive stones to increase the hardness of the blade for better function and left with a white visible abrasive area on the surface of the blade.

This tsuba (guard) of the sword is made of High Quality Brass with two Seppas spacer securing it.The Habaki (blade collar) is of brass composition.

This Tsuka is wooden one wrapped with genuine ray skin, and tied with real silk ITO in the Katatemaki wrap.The Fuchi (sleeve) and Kashira (buttcap) on the tsuka are made of High Quality Brass with matching Menuki on each side as an ornament, two Mekugi (peg) are nailed to secure the Tang of the sword. (Sword can be disassembled by picking up the two Mekugi (peg)).

This saya is made of material: high quality Iron and decorated with High Quality Copper Fittings, this saya is also Wrapped with a Removable Real Leather Cover.
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