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By lyuesword | 09 June 2021 | 0 Comments

Crushing of Mount Bu Zhou — Gong Gong 共工

In ancient masterpieces, the Classic of Mountains and Seas, Mount Buzhou was an important pillar between heaven and earth. It was covered by snow and ice all year round and was the only path for humans to get to heaven.

Gong Gong 共工, sometimes was respected as the God of Water, with a human's head with red hair and a snake's body; or in other folklores, he was a lord of a huge tribe. (Gonggong's personal name is said to be Kanghui 康回).

One day, the Gong Gong crashed Mount Buzhou and changed the whole world.


In some legends, he collided the mountain accidentally when he was escaping during a war with the God of Fire, or competing for the throne with King Zhuanxu.

Other versions record that he wanted to adjust the geographical landscape, which is of great help to agricultural irrigation. 

An evil lost in wars, or a true hero that sacrificed to save people, either way, after Gong Gong's huge crush, the sky leaned to the northwest, and the earth inclined to the southeast.

Afterward, the sun and the moon rise from the east and descend to the west, while all the water in China runs toward the east and at the end merges into the sea. 

From that time on, natural phenomena in China follow these laws and never changed again.

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