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History of Kissaki-Moroha-zukuri style blade Ⅰ

1) Before Kissaki-moroha-zukuri blade appeared
The oldest blade style of sword was hira-zukuri in Japan. Then, kiriha-zukuri blade appeared sometime later. They were all straight.

Tachi with hira-zukuri blade (excavated from a grave 7th century) [1]

Tachi blade of prin-ce Shotoku (AD574 - 622), made in China [2]

The signature (丙子椒林) on the blade says this is made by "Jiaolin" in the mouse year of Chinese zodiac (556 or 616AD).

2) Kissaki-moroha-zukuri blade appeared
Some of the oldest kissaki-moroha-zukuri blades are found in the collection of the emperor Shomu (AD701 - 756). The collection has been kept in Shosoin at Todaiji temple in Nara. The collection has many swords in 8th century, and the condition is very good. Some of them are made in China, and some are made of the imported steel. Probably some are made of the steel produced in Japan. The social system in that age was a copy of China, and so was the swords.
The swords in this age are straight. Intentionally curved sword was not created yet. The kissaki-moroha-zukuri blade in this age is based in kiriha-zukuri style, and the double edged part is not very long, some 10cm or so is double edged. This might be a modern style that came from China, and so is shinogi-zukuri blade. We can't find those styles before.

Samples in the emperor Shomu's collection (8th century)

Chinese sword (Kara-tachi) with kissaki-moroha-zukuri blade [3]

Chinese sword (Kara-tachi) with shinogi-zukuri blade [4]

Warabite-tachi with kissaki-moroha-zukuri blade [5]

3) Kissaki-moroha-zukuri blade based with shinogi-zukuri
At the end of 8th century, the power of Chinese dynasty "Tang" became down, and Japanese government stopped learning China. Then Japan started own social system and culture. In this age, most of long sword is shinogi-zukuri and kiriha-zukuri. Some kissaki-moroha-zukuri style blades also are found in this age.

Tachi of Sakanoue-no-Tamuramaro (9th century) [6]

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