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By lyuesword | 10 August 2021 | 0 Comments

How to Use a Knife and Sword Sharpening Stone

A shout out for all the knife lovers, knife collectors, and enthusiastic camp lovers! Here’s one more guide for you to help you to sharpen your sword properly. But I do not recommend anyone who is not an expert and experienced polisher to attempt to polish antique swords with historical and or artistic value. those sort of swords really need an experienced artist to polish them. these methods are for common modern production swords only and works well for them.

If the one the question that has been bothering you is-

What is the easiest way to sharpen a sword or a knife? Here’s your answer with knife and sword sharpening stones for sale online! 
Things are pretty easy now to learn how to use it for most perfect ways of honing knife blades.

Here’s the ultimate quick guide to making you learn how to use knife sharpening stone like a pro!

* Set yourself up somewhere where you are comfortable and have plenty of light.

1. Select the angle for Blade sharpening
The sword manufacturer can guide you well about the right angle of sharpening the blade of sword and knives. As a matter of fact, the angle is usually between 10-30 degrees.

Sharpening with a lower angle can help you achieve a sharper edge. Remember, it doesn’t offer durability, though. On the other hand, if you prefer to have sharpened with steeper angles, the results last longer.
You can prefer to keep the angle till 20 degrees.

2. How to handle Lubrication 
Some sharpening stones are best used when dry. If you are using the sword sharpening stones with oil, it may hamper the whole procedure. If you involve one-time lubrication, the investment must be in high-quality mineral oil.

Even the application of lubrication spread on sharpening stones can be achieved with a paper towel.

3. Invest in a sword sharpening stones angle guide 
Keeping the stone beneath the knife blade at a consistent angle can help you achieve high efficiency while sharpening. That is why you need an angle guide, especially if it’s your first or second time. It makes the process highly effective in sharpening and covering the edges. While giving strokes, keep checking if you are removing the sharpie at the right angle.

4. Start sharpening from the rough edge of the stone. 
The key is to maintain grit on every side. While grinding down the blade, it is preferable to use the rough edge, and while sharpening, you can use the fine grit side of the stones.

* Start with the final sharpening process
The final procedure involves slicing the thin layers and then dragging the stone in the completely opposite direction. Keep the knife on top of it while the process leaves you with knives’ new fine edges.  

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