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Know more about Tantojutsu

The Different Tanto Blade Styles
Tanto blades were not made to look the same. After all, there are different blade designs made for the Tanto. Some Tanto blades are common and some are rare. Enlisted down below are a few of the common and rare designs known.
My previous blog explained the types of Tanto blades in detai.

Jinen Ryu Tantojutsu
On the battlefield when everything is chaos, male and female Samurai use the Tanto as a weapon of last resort. Again, to also perform Seppuku. Mostly, they do it as acceptance of defeat and to avoid captivity. Though Tantojutsu is a well-known martial art, the fighting style and techniques used were somehow lost.

A teacher known as Manaka Sensei founded the Jinen Ryu Tantojutsu. His teacher, Hatsumi Sensei, taught him the combative use of the Tanto. Through Manaka Sensei’s experience and research, he created a curriculum.

It challenged him as he focused on understanding the principles of the weapon. He also needed a syllabus of formal Kata or a stance where he could teach from. Manaka Sensei realized the importance of the body movements instead of focusing on the knife.

When teaching Jinen Ryu Tantojutsu, the most important to focus on is Muto or no sword. Because of the fact that Tantojutsu uses a Tanto, the short knife is impossible to disarm an opponent. That is why assuming the body is unarmed is a better approach. It is similar to that of Kendo.

Jinen Ryu Tantojutsu composes of 3 parts: Kamae, Kihon Gata, and Sabaki Gata. Kamae means stance. It composes of 7 different stances. It also teaches the different ways of gripping the Tanto. Though these affect the physical body in Kamae, it affects the attitude or psychological component as well.

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