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By lyuesword | 05 July 2022 | 1 Comments

SUNOBE blade (Non-traditional Japanese sword)

There are Japanese blades made from modern steel in 20th century. Most of them are in the military mount. They are called "SUNOBE blades".
They don't have any layer pattern, and the steel color is different from traditional swords'. The hamon area is black like a mirror, and the remain surface is misty dim. No activities of steel particles. Because the quality of the steel is same as cheep as the material.
This kind of blade is not an object to be appreciated as art. It is just a weapon or an antique. We have to distinguish between traditional Japanese blade and modern steel blade (SUNOBE).

"SUNOBE blade"
This is a military sword in 20th century.

Another example of modern steel blade
This is a souvenir from the early 20th century or the end of 19th century. It should be called knife rather than "tanto".

In literal meaning, the word "SUNOBE" describes the process of drawing out the steel block to the blade length. The naming for such blade comes from its easy process of making, because the blade was made up without fold'n welding work. Of course, fold'n welding process is not necessary for modern steel.
In Japanese market, a price of SUNOBE blade is far lower than traditional blade's. Therefore some kind of dealers confuse beginners between sunobe blades and traditional blades to make their wrong business.
Usually we use the word "SUNOBE" for all blades made of modern steel. But in exact meaning, it should be used to the blade made from one block of modern steel without fold welding. As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of non-traditional blades in Japanese style.

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