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When we think of ninjas, we imagine black-clad assassins skilled in martial arts and weaponry who could climb up walls and roofs with the utmost ease and conveniently vanish behind a puff of smoke after they vanquished their opponent. In truth, ninjas were spies or mercenaries during Japan’s feudal era. They practiced Ninjutsu, a form of espionage to gather intelligence from the enemy without resorting to direct combat.


In the Western world, ninjas appear to be covered almost entirely in black cloth, with only the eyes remaining visible. In reality, ninjas would wear clothing that would make them blend in with the crowd or the surroundings. Shinobi shozoko, the traditional ninja uniform, came in various colors, with black and dark blue used most often.

Ninjas were not restricted to wearing this attire and could don outfits of peasants, traders, samurai warriors, and the like, in order to infiltrate the enemy ranks.

Aside from the standard attire, ninjas wore tabi boots, which had distinct split toe sections to make it easier for them to climb ropes, trees, and walls.


Ninjas made use of several types of weapons to provide distractions or to inflict harm. Here are some of them:

Shuriken –also known as star darts and throwing stars. These are probably the most widely recognized weapons identified with ninjas. Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of shuriken was not to kill but to distract the opponent.

Fukiya –a bamboo blowgun that shot darts that were sometimes poisoned. This weapon was very handy since it could be used at a distance, or even as a snorkel if the ninja had to stealthily hide in a body of water.
Tanto (knife) and ninja swords–knives and swords were also part of the ninja’s arsenal. They were discreetly used, if needed, as opposed to wildly waving the blades around and drawing attention to themselves as depicted in movies and TV shows.
Bo (staff) –a hollow hardwood or bamboo pole six ft. long. Aside from whacking the enemy with it, ninjas also used it to propel poisoned darts or small knives towards the enemy.

Influence on Western Culture

The Western world has wholeheartedly embraced the concept of ninjas and has even added its own flair. In America, ninjas are often characters in movies, such as in the popular hit ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” They are featured in artwork, during Halloween, in comic books, and even as toys like this cute Lego ninja.

If you are a ninja enthusiast and a KCP student currently studying in Japan, visit the Iga-Ryu Ninja Museum at Iga Ueno (Mie Prefecture). Aside from all the fascinating ninja paraphernalia, the museum also boasts trap doors, hidden spaces, and revolving walls. It is certainly a fun place to learn everything about ninjas!

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