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The Longsword – Favourite Weapon For Centuries

The longsword or Bastard sword was also referred to as the Hand and a Half swords during a later period in history, and it was given this specific name (longsword) due to its long handle that allowed the wielder to grip the weapon with both hands. The ele-ments of the longsword such as its outstanding reach and its excellent thrusting and cutting abilities made the blade a highly popular piece among warriors on the battlefield.

This specific sword was widely utilized by the medieval knight, and it was a prevalent piece during the late medieval period and the Renaissance Era – specifically around the years 1350 to 1550. It was also greatly utilized during the early thirteenth century until the late seventeenth century.

Ele-ments of the Longsword

Listed below are the most notable ele-ments of the longsword:

  • The Longsword features a double-edged blade as well as an adequately long handle to accommodate two hands when gripping the weapon.
  • The total length of the sword measured around forty to forty-eight inches long, with a handle that measured about ten to fifteen inches in addition.
  • As for the weight, the longsword weighed around five to eight pounds in total.
  • It was first used as a close contact weapon that was necessary for executing massive blows.
  • Generally, the longsword was utilized for slicing or cutting, plus it was also capable of chopping off the enemy’s limbs or head in a single stroke.
  • It is categorized as a cutting weapon.

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