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Top Japanese Swordsmiths Ⅰ

Japanese swordsmiths have helped Japan throughout history; they’ve created swords that have played an important role in Japan’s history. Japanese swordsmanship is highly revered around the word. Its long history has always been admired and is continuing to fascinate people around the world. Japanese swordsmanship has a long history field with different both tragic and wonderful stories. Before the modern weapons we now know, from guns to tank and bombs, there was a time when swords are one of the main weapon who have witnessed different battles that have shaped our history. Japan is one of the countries who have used swords; they’ve honed and crafted thousands of swords, each time trying to make them stronger than before or at least make sure it will be as strong or as unique as their previous creations. It is quite interesting then to know some of the notable Japanese swordsmiths that have ever lived.

Swordsmiths around the world distinctly differ from one another; Japanese swordsmiths in for one used their own techniques to create different type and style of sword that is still plays a crucial part in Japan’s culture up to this time. Earlier Japanese swordsmanship was heavily influenced by Chinese sword, though as time passed by they’ve developed their own style, thus paving a way to new and uniquely designed Japanese swords. Japanese sword history is divided to different parts depending on their era namely Koto, Shinto, Shinshinto, Gendai or Kindai and Shinsaku. And throughout this time, Japan was able to produce thousands of swordsmiths.

The First Japanese Swordsmith

Amakuni is said to be the first Japanese swordsmith and is known to have designed the single-edge, curved katana. Though there is little known information recorded in history, it is said that Amakuni has worked for the Emperor, creating swords for his army. Legends says Amakuni created single-edge curved swords, after the Emperor arrived with half of his armies with broken swords and ignoring him, making him feel disappointed and ashamed for what happened to his creation. This pushed Amakuni to design a sword that can withstand and endure battles and he vowed to create a sword that can withstand a battle without breaking.

Japan’s Greatest Swordsmith
Masamune sword in Austria
This list would not be complete without Masamune, formally known as Goro Nyudo Masamune, who is known as the greatest Japanese swordsmith, for his incredible talent and contributions in the field of sword making, his works are highly regarded for its distinct qualities and artistry. It is said that he’d created his works during the 13th and 14th century and his works has been part of national treasure, one of which is Honjo Masamune and is esteemed as one of the finest Japanese sword which is also a representation of Shogunate during the Edo period of Japan and have been passed down from one generation to another, although, at the end of World War Two it was also the last time the said sword was seen and its whereabouts is still a mystery up to this day. Despite this, there are still relics of his work that can be seen in Japan particularly in Kyoto National Museum. (To be continued)

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